How CLOUD Computing has ruled in Data Transfer with SaaS, IaaS & PaaS Solutions

Data collection, Data transfer in IT industries and Healthcare Sectors and Telco made easy…
Gone are those when calculations and data transfer and retrieval were the issues. Software automation and control has helped in a way, where the data has generated beyond imagination. Once data started generating, it came into consideration that the data or result should be in such a format that can be imported to other software for analysis and graphical presentation.

To manage the challenge of data integrity and compatibility, file conversion and multiple export options came into evolution and solved the issue. Now when we have various formats, it needs to read by the software either using the software in local machine or else accessing the same on cloud at some other location. Here this cloud technology has given a platform, where huge chunk of data like of DNA sequences, Terabytes of values can be analyzed and represented in a required format. Cloud has helped linking multiple data generating centers to connect and store their generated data at once central location, storing and accessing has become easier.

Cloud computing in word tag cloud

Using software on cloud has many advantages:

  • Can be less expensive compared to buying soft we and hardwires
  • Can be used from any of the computer or device with an internet connection
  • No need of large internal storage system
  • Updates occurs across the service
  • Self service provisioning
  • Elasticity
  • Pay as per the use

It does have loopholes too!

  • Many security issues
  • Terms and conditions of services
  • Privacy policies
  • Data leakage issues

Cloud services

Platform as a Service (PaaS): This is a way to rent hardware, operating systems, secured storage and network capacity over the internet. Where the service delivery model allows the customer to rent virtualized services using the services for running applications.
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): is a provision model where an organization outsources the equipment used to support operations, storage, hardware, servers and networking components. Client pays on the agreed basis and service provider owns the equipment and manages housing, running and maintaining of the same.

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How learning Bigdata concept has helped industries handle huge datasets

Bigdata concept like Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Hbase, Sqoop, Mahout, Yarn etc. has helped manage analyzing huge chunks of data from various sources.

What is big data?


There is nothing new about the impression of big data that is in talk since at least 2001 and has evolved to many folds. In a nutshell, Bigdata is nothing but your data or any company’s own data. It is the information owned by the company obtained and processed by new techniques to produce values. Any bigdata expert would define this using three V’s i.e. Volume, Velocity and Variety and this concept was proposed was Doug Laney to thrown light into the challenges of data management. In the year 2013, Mark Van Rijmenam titled why the 3 V’s are not sufficient to describe big data and he added more V’s i.e. Veracity, Variability, Visualization and Value to the definition.

If we talk about the generation of the data in a huge amount followed up with management and structuring was created in the past three years. And it is not false to say, that the amount of data in the world will continue to double or keep on increasing many times.

What companies are doing to make best use of information?

Bigdata constitutes significant information that may help pave new business or opportunities to serve the population. It helps corporate in making decision and taking further steps into their business and endeavors. And it has become really necessary to have statistical figures on the desk of managers to risk money in new start up. Bigdata has indeed being called trendsetter in the business of data management, analysis and storing and retrieval.

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SOFTWARE – Quality Management – An amalgamation of all systematic series of activities & processes

Computers and Software are omnipresent. In most of the cases computer technology is implanted and we don’t even imagine where and how we are utilizing those technologies in day to day life. But we are doing it every bit of time. Our day to day activities are almost dependent on software and gadgets. We might admit the same or not! but really software and technology is governing our world and society. This trend would not change and would continue impart values in our society and system and this will go on with research and development to get improvement at every step.

Key reason behind the change!

The ever growing and evolving trend has ofcourse made many things so easy that productivity and quality has leaped to highest point of satisfaction. But sooner or later system is going to get disrupt and disease would spread, security would reduce and this all would disintegrate the society and system.


Control over the management of the entire system and the concept of embedding technology at every step is of utmost importance to take things ahead in a right way. It is highly important to make sure that the system and software should run as proposed. A single loop hole can make the entire development suck in giving the expected result.  A right quality of the software can help us stay in control and productive in a positive way.

Software Quality is the discipline that ensures that software that are being developed, deployed and used bears the right quality. It must be noted that flowing with the speed and technology should not be the point of concern when we are developing something, but should think in an ethical way too, it should not harm the society and should not lead to an imagined output that might put something in dangerous situation.

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WorkForce Redefined – Collaboration at Healthcare sector and Information Technology level

As the digital revolution gains momentum, doctors, scientists, life sciences and people from different walks of life and other professionals are using machines to be more efficient, powerful, trust worthy and these machines are often now used for getting better decisions and to take on complex tasks.

How machines have gained trust over manual work and efficiency

Augmented devices providing more portability, insights, platform to provide and make available on clicks the huge database of contextual information and research outputs from various industries. Such grounds on cloud facility has indeed helped market research professionals and companies, doctors, scientists, clinical trial process during the entire process. It has helped people from all over the world to click share and connect for advice in quick time to take decisions.

Training of people on machines and technology are equally important

This bullish trend of digitization and evolution of machines into the mainstream of industries from scratch to the end has made this necessary for their people to have adequate knowledge of computer and machines in terms of operating and maintenance of the same.

Life Sciences industries increasing the scope of operations

This growing trend illustrates that how life sciences companies must and should embrace digital way to go beyond the imagination with the goal of meeting the need of society.

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You don’t need to compete, if you are aligned to highest work ethics!

Integrity – Integrity encompasses most of the employee’s job role. Integrity among peers brings trust among coworkers, manages, supervisors and clients. Team work and trusting on each other’s ability would always bring positive feedback.

Sense of responsibility – When one personally feels the responsibility for the work. Best efforts and ability to complete the projects comes along.

Dedication – This defines the ability to perform tasks with strong dedication and with utmost interest to meet the deadlines. This even takes extra efforts and does falls beyond deadlines, but meeting the goals can be attested well in most of the scenarios.

Cooperation – Work in cooperation is highly beneficial in business decorum. A person who likes to work in team knows the gravity of team practices in accomplishing over all goals in day to day life and in business of course.

Accountability – This habit really plays a big role in avoiding blunders in workplace. Admitting for the failures can always be taken as a learning experience in personal life. In fact team step to the fore in support instead of blaming.

Extensive use of computer learning in providing quality control in genetic database!

Computer learning has gone many folds ahead in coordination with healthcare/clinical technology with a mission of pin pointing many disorders in human body. The same helped generating huge database of sequences, disease impressions, patient’s data etc from around the world. These giant collections of data somewhere has helped too in figuring out many counseling techniques in terms of reducing the incidences of many disorders, biological changes and all. Looking at the bullish nature of the databases, every center in healthcare sector has started shedding lights into this potential field to impart knowledge for the betterment. Many such initiatives have been taken to proof out of this immaculate record when it comes to make sense to the real world.

Stethoscope and globe on a laptop keyboard, focus on stethoscope

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Why Data Science career is exploding these days!

Boom in technology and gadget world has hacked our processes and day to day activities in such a way, that we can’t imagine our day without computer, mobiles and other software that we are dependent for our daily activities on desk. In 2016, lots of predictions have been published about the current need of Data Scientist to analyze the huge chunk of data being generated due to the revolution in technology or the digitization.


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Myriad of sectors and industries call for data scientist and data analyst, for instance healthcare sectors, banking sectors, educational institutes, clinical organizations and many more who are generating data on daily basis in a huge quantity. Many of the industries had never given a thought to utilize their own business data to bring transformation into their system, but now every company at some point of time hires a data scientist to dig into their data to make predictions and other result driven plans out of it and much more in fact. Data Science is a hot position these days where the data scientist works with both data at rest and data in motion and helps firms know the market scenarios and other parameters that they are looking for.

Man Vs Machine!

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How applications and centralized data sharing has helped clinical trials and its vigilance smooth in Healthcare & Clinical industries!

It’s great to say that how things have drastically changed and the entire management system, data warehouse, reporting system and many other day to day systems and processes at work stations has got a touch of technology.


Picture ref:

Likewise, much attention has been given in healthcare industries by implementing quality software and applications to record time to time process in centralized system. It passes through all quality checks and all sort of outcomes and reporting have become quite easy and smooth as compare to the earlier cumbersome process, where it used to take few days to weeks to months to come up with a conclusion, whereas now it takes less time to take action. Recording and vigilance Software has played a big role in clinical world by enabling us to get everything done with minimum time and effort. People in development field have worked hard to save time for the real time users. The implementation has indeed accelerated the process with all reporting and overall data storage and updates in a centralized system in a secure environment.

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Company should invest time and money on maintaining standards and quality to have image into the market for their services

It’s not about how much you are spending on the SEO to crawl on top in virtual world. A start up can’t boom in first stage. It has to go through several phases and quality checks to land into the market to serve the population with great quality and support.


In every business and work, one need to invest time and money in maintaining standards and quality for the same. Once achieved the quality and standard in what you do, one need not to invest much on SEO and other marketing and branding options. Business goes well with continuous efforts and content factors if maintained with website with:
– Semantically comprehensive content
– Content enriched with Media
– Easy to comprehend content
It has been attested that content that enriched with media i.e. images and short videos correlates positively with higher rankings.Posts, blogs and content with images receives more social shares as posts without images and videos.
Keywords: SEO, Online marketing, Quality, Standard
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