Health-Troubles escalating every moment in human life

Health-Troubles escalating every moment in human life

It ain’t wrong that technology is playing a big role in everyone’s life from the beginning of the day to the end.
Our day to day work and other related activities have become totally dependen on it. We can not even imagine to wake up without thinking to keep our hands on phone or any other gadgets.

So, people’s group can be divided into three categories as per the
level of income. Those who earns mere two-three times of food for the day and enjoy a happy meal, and no dount they stay fit and sound in their entire life. Yes. it is not wrong to say, that these category of people only dies and suffers the most of malnutrition an hunger more often. These cause has many reason for them no to avail the nutritional and healthy diet as per the requirement by women and man body. And indeed they do not have much knowledge about these food and its value to consume in their diet.

If talking about the middle class family and people living a struggling life are amongst the most struggling and living life at the edge category people. These category of people have knowledge and awareness about healthcare issues and all, but are not upto the mark for collowing it in theirlife. This is the reason they do not keep themselves free from diseases and other ailments. These category of people are more or less prone to fall into the hook of deadly and chronic health related problem.

At the last comes folks of the higher income category and living a well standard life in their home and business time. No doubt they have lots of infomration with them to follow and implement the same in their life in case of healthcare issues and other preventive thigns. But these people do not care until and unless they get to know that they have been hooked into the net of disease or other symptoms gets detected while visiting to their doctors. It just make them to ponder for a while that we eat all healthy food and drink juice and all !!, then why us? It really makes them to break their head for a while. It’s a reality that these people falls in the upper level of falling prey to deadly and chronic diseas in thier middle age to the elder age. These people takes fatty foods through out their day, like when they are in their office and at party place. They just forget that there are vitamins and minerals and other needy packs that they need to keep into their diet to stay healthy.
Thye get to know the value of eating healthy meal and running at the time when they visit their doctor and surprisingly doctors keeps their medical report in front of them citing that they have been detected with this so and so symptoms, and it’s level of stage.

So, folks do not forget to start your day with a little exercise and warm up before you head for your office or day to day activity. Nothing plays most than keeping yourself fit for entire life.

Hope, if you people are reaading this article, you must and should let your family members, dear one’s or everyone in your circle to know the facts and things about healthcare issues.

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