Nanodiamonds (sensor)-can help detect cancers early

In the world of technology scientist all over the world are working constantly to come out with something best. And here is a good news for CANCER field, that NANODIAMONDS could detect cancer cells at early stage. It has been aimed to detect develop a non-invasive nano-technology sensing platform for real time monitoring of biomolecular process in living cancer cells.

Researchers have developed a new technique based on the us of fluorescent nano-nanodiamond particles. They have demonstrated that the combination of NDP properties make this a highly suitable material for the construction of probes capable of sensing biomarker raning proteins, DNA. – Says scientis from Belgium, who is working on it.

Such probe could really be used in cells at nanoscale. These nano-particle has got many advantages, as it is highly compatible with bio moleculars, it remains in a cell for a longer duration without affecting the metabolism of the cell. And it has got surface property, as it helps in attaching specific primary DNA molecule on it, and the same can be deployed at the selected sight or in cells for further monitoring of the cell’s activity.

So, NDPs can not only be used as a tool, but can help researchers in detecting cancers at early stages.

It has been mentioned that it is focused for diagnosing only breast cancers and colorectal cancers.

Now the questions comes are as-

Why it has got some limitations, Are people working it to enable it detecting cancers in other parts of the body?

Can it be used for any kind of cancer finding technique?

It’s all science and lets hope that one day, we can see world without cancers.

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