Clinical trials in India are good or bad?

These days, IRB and other boards have tightened their rules and regulations to implement in India while conducting clinical trials at any part of the India. India, China, African regions have had been a hub for conducting clinical trials in human for bulk. It was recently, that rules have been revised and it has got difficult for foreign investors and institutes to conduct trials in India. As, it resulted in many innocent deaths. But the figure mentioned against the number of deaths was not true.

As majority of the patients died due to their persistent illness. We people do agree, that at certain points it has caused some harm to people, but upto some extent it is expected. And the main agenda behind this is to get some effective drug to cure diseases. Though India has been in this ground for the last many decades and this is the reason, Indian people especially from the poor side has availed many drugs for free and their diseases have been cured.

India is a developing country and we need drugs at a whole for our poor people. They do not have access to many of the mandatory drugs and vaccines that one should get at the time of birth and till baby attains immunity against most of the deadliest diseases. We suggest that investors should invest and IRB should give them grounds to plan their trials, but under the proper guidance and observation of the boards and courts. So that death rates can be reduced.

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