DNA sequencing – an array of hope for personalized cancer treatment

Scientists at the Genome Institute are using powerful DNA sequencing technology not only to identify mutations at the root of a patient’s tumour has been considered a headstone in personalizing cancer treatment. DNA sequencing of tumour samples is a big challenge in making research studies and further analyzing of the data.

These personalized approached will need drugs based on the mutations in each of the patient’s tumour. So, this approach of planning design is not that easy as it seems for this complicated field. But hopefully research will turn into a successful treatment one day.


Picture courtesy: Medical express

There are things that need to be confirmed, like time of the mutations when it was developed? The targeted sites of the mutations.

Deep Digital Sequencing (a new technique developed at the Genome institute). In their plan for the sequencing they sequenced individual mutations in patients’ tumour samples more than thousand times. And come up with the frequency of each mutation in a patient’s tumour genome. This further helped them in mapping genetic evolution of the cancer cells as the disease progressed.

Scientist from Genome institute says that sequencing of the entire genome of cancer cells is crucial for mapping the whole evolution of the cancer cell. It’s strongly mandated to sequence the entire genome to come for some concrete result and treatment plan for cancer patients on personalized basis.

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