Our own cell can be engineered to be used as an attacker cell!

There is something new to know in the field of Technology.  It has been tested and satisfactory results have been provided in case of patients suffering with Blood cancers Cells from their own body was taken out and engineered to feed back again to the site where cancer cells were harboring, and populating nonstop. When given gene therapy to the ill patients, it was noticed that patients were out of the danger and free from cancer.

Though, it provided some unsatisfactory results too, but something is better than nothing in this case. As patients were free from cancer even after two years of treatment, and it has paved a challenging and emerging field for others to research and make it more effective.

cell hackHope this way of gene therapy can help us making patients suffering from blood cancers, free from there deadly disease in near future.

This has potential to become the first gene therapy in Unite States. Till now only one gene therapy is approved in Europe for a rare metabolic disease.

Clinical trials and results obtained has given enough results to understand the gravity in this therapy, and hope to make it more friendly and available in case of blood cancer patients to get rid of their illness.

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