If I will start listing genetic deformities, the list will never get over. Like that one deformity exists in pandemic called cleft deformity. Besides this there are tons of deformities that has been noticed and folks are researching and trying to find cure for the same.

There are many genetic and other deformities that have been neglected, like that cleft deformity has been overlooked and folks have no knowledge about its cause and treatments. It needs attention to prevent the atrophy of affected population. During my interaction with renowned oral and maxillofacial surgeons in India and from overseas, I can manifest that our system of healthcare is in dire need of improvement and standardization.

It’s not correct to form that the incidence of cleft can’t be overcome. It can be, but it will need proper attention and awareness among society and folks from different fields. So, that each and every individual can help pass communicate the knowledge to all about such deformities.

To certain extent, cleft incidences can be prevented by following regular screenings during 2nd and 6th week of gestation period to avoid such deformities to form. Because if diagnosed within womb of any such deformities. Actions can be taken to manipulate and suppress the responsible gene or active agents to stop playing role in the formation of the cleft and the same will get suppress by letting the growth of palate in normal form.

Key words: Genetics, cleft

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