Are there being any RESEARCH studies done in India focusing CLEFT Deformity??

Well, in terms of birth deformities. India comes on the top with the counts of births with de
formities. One such deformity is called Cleft lip and Palate deformity sometimes accompanied
by some syndromes. There are many organizations that are helping these poor and needy population to avail
surgeries for their congenital deformity.
Providing them surgeries is an another point of view and considering these bunch of population for further studies
and research, so that we can reach the depth of the cause.
India could be the hub for such studies in terms of clinical studies and genetic studies. But organizations need to take
initiative for the same.
I trust that if studies approved to be done in India, it will help a lot to know the better solutions to prevent this deformity
when detected during gestation period. No doubt studies and work will be quite challenging.

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