Life is full of hustling-hip-hop

day n night, running thru the hiways,

********** cops looking for us everytime,

these niggaz moving fast, we gotta take the cash away,

cause niggaz hate standing behind the bars for long time.

we like entering the banks at night,

no tresspass! this doesn’t matter for niggaz,

guards can’t shoot us despite of having an order of shoot at sight,

because everyone standing there loves the cash from us.

me and ma homies always busy in trafficking the drugs,

so we need to stake in the clubs,

mama hate ma earnings in the black buckz,

sorry, i aint going away from this hub.

when the whole family is snoozing,

meanwhile i like boozing,

when my fuckkng hoes jostling,

this nigga like hustling.

-This piece of self written rap is dedicated to all my friends who loves hip-hop and rap-


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