Genomic medicine – A powerful way to tailor healtcare issues on an individual basis

Genomic medicine is a powerful way to tailor all sort of diseases and ailments on an individual basis. This concept is in process since long back. Meanwhile it has resulted into many good therapies among cancer patients and other deadly diseases. It serves a lot in detecting with a real cause and the same can be dealt with available techniques in RNA engineering and DNA mapping. That helps in mapping of the mutations and then the same is treated effectively on an individual basis.

asdfThis starts with the patients genomic information studies. Earlier this used to be a kind of real tough job, but now technology has made it very easy and less expensive too. This helps in designing the more effective drugs to target the affected gene by identifying the genetic factors associated with that particular disease.

This will help a lot in designing individual based medicines and treatments to avoid adverse drug reactions and could possibly the best treatment for anyone.

Till now people have walked around to doctors with their last prescribed medicines and their all history related to their disease. And all costly diagnosing reports along with everything. But now days are not far, in fact it has started in many states but not being highlighted as it still need verification and safety measures to be passed, when people will be walking around to genetic counselors with their gene sequences. And counselor will look into their gene sequences and would compare the same with the genome and let them know the mutations and the possible treatments. Whether this can be treated with the drugs, or genetic engineering etc.

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