Can new strains of viruses be made? Can viruses be weaponized?

Science and technology has gone so far ahead, thorough research and experiments by people have done lots of changes in our surroundings and lives. Many many things have become so easy and some of the things have become so tough!. And it is still advancing at such a damn pace, that you cannot imagine where it’s going to lead. But, yes its leading towards better solutions and results and no doubt at the same time its leading to the hell lots of trouble too!. These outcomes from all research and experiments do give some positive and negative aspects too. Positive solutions are always highlighted in media and negative aspects and can be given a word as deadly negative solutions are kept hidden in labs and in community among people.

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And when these strains of viruses are unleashed, it usually used for terror purpose. And focuses on killing millions and trillions of people worldwide in a gradual or pandemic manner. It leads to mayhem where doctors and other healthcare professionals find no antidote for the new strain of virus being spread at a violent rate. Then this makes hospitals and other healthcare professional to do nothing but to avoid such cases to entertain. Since this viruses are contagious and catch easily.


Now many terms are coming as a hot topic these days, designer pathogens, reverse genetics, gene synthesis and blah blah. There are many other ways of making new viruses form the existing one or a newer one. Science has no limit!. There are thousands of dangerous and deadly researches projects are being in progress at different locations of world. What often called dual use, because of its two faced potential to affect. One face is for good ends and another for evil and harmful ends.

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So, there are many viruses are tested and developing into many labs all around the world, that if left in environment can lead to the death of millions and trillions easily. Strain of flu virus is a nice example of such deadly weapon for bio-weapon. These viruses can be weaponized and may lead to the massive destruction worldwide. So, there must be international and national organizations who should keep check on such dangerous research projects.

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