Genetic counselling – should be given more priority

It is not false to say that the number of diseases and other ailments are escalating faster than we can imagine. And people are getting engulfed by hundreds or more types of diseases that are being seen and detected first ever time. And it has given rise to a complicated situation, where it becomes difficult not only to treat the disease. But also to stop the further spread of the disease in off spring.


There is one term that is getting advanced and helpful these days, that is genetic counseling, there are many professionals who are involved in this and are doing counseling in different fields, where chances of the passage of deformity or other disease is more to their off spring. So this becomes a good analysis to make sure whether the off spring will be fit or not.

People, should gain more knowledge about these facility at different centers, and should seek genetic counseling if they have seen medical history of any deformity in their ancestors or parents etc. This will help them to make right decision at the right time.


Help spread the knowledge of genetic counseling among population.

It’s the need of each and every human being now!

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