Boom in gene testing has lead to a problem-i.e. good and bad too

We all know, how easily now any condition can be diagnosed and the results can be shared with the patients and their family members.

Available genetic testings and counseling has made it possible for everyone to get the blueprint of the probability chart of the diseases that one might or might not face in near future or later age. No, doubt it just comes as a package of sorrow and sometimes joy too. Well its good in terms where one is getting to know what all chances are there for one, that he or she might suffer. And, can take care accordingly.gene

Picture courtesy:dailymail dot co dot uk

But, now the problems, lies here that there data should be secured or should be revealed to their parents and other research groups who may use it for some study purpose and all. But, if sharing with family, it again raises lots of issues, whether to share all negative and positive chances or not. Sometimes, these outcomes might make one to feel insecure and of course it will lead towards the dull feelings in ones life.

Hospital and counseling centers should keep their data intact with them. It should not be shared until the patient authorize to do so. Since, sharing the result can bring lots of good and bad signs of outcomes.

Future challenges: Huge data management, Securing and safe keeping of the data, Storage capacity challenge of the data, Analysis of the data being generated for some hot diseases, Reporting of the data being analyzed.

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