Unraveling the hidden secrets in the genomic data is the key to the solution (but not necessarily for everything)

This is not true to comment that there are many deformities and other congenital birth deformities and other related health issues that are affecting every second human. And the life expectancy has decreased to hell down. But many of us are able to manage surviving on medicines. It’s true that earlier food used to be our fuel for life, while now medicines has excelled to be the fuel for many in fighting against viruses, infections, diseases, strokes and many other ailments that are knuckling under from a healthy life to an unhealthy way of life.


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As per today’s trend people are more inclined and of course dependent in using modern techniques for examining, diagnosing and treating the cause. It takes very less time in diagnosing and giving the appropriate treatments for the cause. But not many problems get over by such treatments. Sometime, it stands as the end of the problem; sometimes it invites other package of problems, sometimes gives chances for further problems in future. So, it becomes very important for respective cases to be examined and treated with proper knowledge and information in terms of making them aware of the complications in future. There are hereditary diseases and it might or might not pass to the next generations, but one never knows what could be the result. So, it is better for those who know that some of the hereditary problems could appear in them, so it’s good to get counseled and be at the safer side.


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Important: There is one deformity called “congenital birth deformity of cleft lip and cleft palate”. There are around 35,000 children born with this deformity every year in India only. It varies geographically and environmentally too. So, treating them is one of the best parts that our medical people can render services to such people. But educating them and letting them know the chances of getting second child again with cleft deformity with or without some associated syndromes is always there. So, they should take it serious and should go through all necessary genetic counseling and other nutritional counseling if they are planning for the second child in their family. Because it could be, that the “gene” is there in either of the parents and can again dominate or sometimes can simply lie without dominating and would of course would never prevail to another shock to the parents.

There are ways some hereditary diseases and conditions can be avoided if taken proper tips and knowledge from respective folks working in the field of medicines and research and counselors and surgeons.

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