Technology – A need for the detection of many chronic conditions in healthcare

No doubt technology is evolving at an unimaginable speed. 95% of the population is glued with multipurpose electronic gadgets for their survival and their business and to make money on their daily basis. There used to be time, when people used to sit in front of television, but now the same is available in their hand in different size and configuration. So, connectivity is available in a single click.


The same way, technology in healthcare machineries and other diagnostic tools are playing magnificent role by giving a way of easy and timely diagnostic of the illness or conditions in human system. There is no way of waiting for a long time to see the effect of disease and then getting it tested for the positive and negative. Well, there are tools and kits available in markets developed with the help of recent techniques to diagnose for the some hereditary conditions before condition becomes severe.



So, the up trending way of developing technology has made life easier but at the same time it has become a source of other side effects and after effects.

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