When a cleft lip or palate children born in any family in India, the happiness in a rural and urban family is contagious to a few seconds and then they are separated by deep remorse and sorrow when they see their child with any of the deformities along with the one cited above.


Ref: www.intelihealth.com

There are numerous conditions that reflect or develop into human system just because of single mutation in their genes. And sometimes a single mutation is not much dominated that it affects the system drastically, but yes it does sometimes affects at such an extent that it can lead to a condition that affects them to a bad level.


Ref: animalsciences.missouri.edu

It has been located that a single gene is leading to a condition in human body that affects them badly, and sometimes finding or detecting such conditions fetches much attention that people starts studying on those conditions and try to come up with solutions, so that such conditions can be suppressed in future population. Likewise, a condition affects more than 35,000 children in India with deformity of cleft lip and cleft palate. There are thousands of children and adults who does not avail surgeries for the same and keep living with their conditions.

Many studies have been conducted to find the single gene or coalition of gene responsible for the formation of such deformities in children. Still gene does not always supports for the cause. So, much attention is needed to carry on some pilot tests and studies in demographic wise and with family wise to find the responsible genes or other conditions that is leading towards this deformity.

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