Our head is one of the complex systems that develop with the help of number of complex events and processes that underline normal face. The chances for abnormal facial appearance and other facial deformities are many in numbers that could result in new born due to many reasons. And many a times that reason can not be find and finding of the real cause becomes a challenge for counselors for such families. Since the genes responsible for the formation of lip initiates its process and with the help of proliferating cells in respective zone of the body, the particular organ internal or external takes place. The development of the lip takes place before the palate formation, like lip starts forming in first trimester that is at the 4-5th week of gestation period followed by the formation and adhesion process of the palate (upper roof of the mouth) in 7th week. So, keeping this complex process in mind, couple should and must mind not consuming tobacco, alcohol and some other hormonal drugs that might hamper this process.

It is very important for couples to see geneticist for their counseling before and after planning for the offspring. There could be the chances of inheriting some deformities or other abnormal conditions from parents to offspring. Sometimes it is not possible to avert a strike but sometimes by taking care of nutritional diets, upto some extent some of the conditions and deformities can be prevented.

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