TERMINATOR GENE – a need to detect and kill genes that are responsible for conditions.

It’s not wrong to comment as technology has changed the peoples’ life drastically and people are more dependent on gadgets. The same is ruling the health of the human since morning to night when they keep their gadgets on rest for few hours. But this does not solves the problems human life is suffering with and many of them are entitled to live a life full of health issues and other ailments that people are fully tangled into.


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But, people should know that there could be high risks for them to get hooked to some deadly health issues, if they continue to live their life without giving a second thought for some workout. Awareness is must for such folks who have no source of information to gain about their family history for disease and other conditions that is passing through generation to generation in their family. There are thousands of hereditary conditions, chromosomal aberrations, syndrome errors, single nucleotide polymorphisms and other relevant mutations that are leading to new conditions every case.

There are advanced techniques and imaging technology advancing towards the great success for detecting many of the conditions within human body and to the most extent it has become feasible for people to detect the cause and then further efforts can be made on finding solution for the same


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There is one deformity called cleft lip and cleft palate with or without syndromes that I am concentrating to understand in terms of its genetic role. There are several genes that have been pooled in lists of responsible for such deformities and mutations that are causing such deformities. Still it has not been a full success towards finding the real cause in many cases as people have cited in their research articles. Since causes could be many and it again varies as per the family history, their diet pattern, their consumption level of alcohol, tobacco and other responsible drugs that could affect the formation of fetus during embryogenesis.


Ref: www.broadinstitute.org

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