It’s not wrong to say that some people love office politics and some do hate it at the most. But It doesn’t affect those who keep such politics at bay. There are categories of people who like to be the part of the respective group. Well, no organization is free from office politics.  And it’s obvious that there would be some disputes between employees due to some small-small and big-big disputes.

Those who are more into this culture of politics are quite attentive and always look for moments to attack and make new issues. But if all are aware of each other’s nature and humor, then one can be least bothered about the nuisance created by the one who is regular in it. So, it depends on people that how they mingle up with folks and manages their day to day terms and talk with others.

Sometimes, people would comment in a taunting way, cause they might be jealous of one’s work and progress and the dedication towards the work and challenges being met by one.

But I feel, that if you are good at something then you should try to maintain that. People can’t see you growing and learning in day to day life, but one should not give a fuck for others, and should keep him or away from the daily shit.

It’s good to be the part of the politics, but one need to be the player too. One should get involved and learn and come out of it, that’s the bad corporate culture too, and one can’t be free from it.

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