How much it matters to train people and then to retain them!

There is a nice line said by Richard Branson –“Train people well enough so they can leave; treat them well enough so they don’t want to”.

It’s true that these days corporate and other functional agencies are working hard for training their employees and other supporting staffs. Managing team spends a lot of their time for grooming their recruited employees, they spend fund on their training, spend time on them, spend their precious time and other’s time in making their new comers acclimatize with their ambience. Human Resource should not forget that the training and the knowledge gaining process are contiguous for few months to few years, and then they start looking for other better opportunities. And hike in their salary equally plays much important in their professional career. When members are given deserving shares of the profit with due time.

And if you feel that being there at same position and at the same department, you are not learning or getting to know more into that field, then changing your job or position is must. Since being stagnant and doing the same job ain’t making you know much. So, in this case its preferable to switch and learn little more into depth and continue with your professional career.

Change always brings more opportunities and excitement to learn and know more advanced things ahead.

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