Linking clinical counseling with genomic counseling!

This ain’t the new topic, as genomic data is growing at a very fast rate. And folks from different parts of the world have made ready to access genomic data for different diseases and functions. And indeed it is a great data for future evaluation. Well, there is a news coming up like to link these genomic data with clinical counseling, and of course its a worth, since conditions and treatments options can easily be detected and planned accordingly.

Still, there are quite a huge list of deformities and conditions, where people have not given much attention. But, If given there are several conditions that can be reduced upto some extent by just following the same during counseling, counseling could be a general counseling or genetic counseling or family planning counseling. Every counseling imparts great knowledge to one.

I feel, our healthcare system should made it compulsory t o provide counseling to everyone reaching for health checkup and for other treatments. And mass awareness is equally important to change the system.

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