There used to be a time, when people never used to ponder about consulting any of their professor or senior or family members when they have to choose a stream or field of study soon after their completion of school. But, now days, it has completely changed. Well, counseling has become a must to do for all. There are several fields open to all, where one can go an fit themselves as per their need and interest. It has benefit in fact that will help people retain their interest as it is, and one can get a platform where he or she can give his or her best to move ahead.
I have met students, who chose their fields just because they wanted their neighbors to know that they are in science stream, commerce or arts or blah-blah. One should never ever compare their field with the thinking of others. It will for sure crash your career at some point of time. So, it is advisable that one must and should choose one’s career as per their interest. There are folks who might not excel in studies just because they think that they have something else to do for their life. And that will also add values to their life and to the system.

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