Evolution in Human Resource Management

The evolution of human resource management as a distinct profession dates back to the industrial revolution when companies established one dedicated personnel departments to look into wages and welfare of workers. And it was indeed a much considered department for the welfare of the worker and business of the organization.

What does this department or person responsible for this looks after:

  • Recruitment of the employees
  • Wage management of the employees
  • Interviews and discussion
  • Personal management of the disputes between individuals or between groups of people.
  • Employee record keeping
  • Training of the team and adherence to the stated policies
  • Responsibility of taking welfare oriented measures
  • Attempting to increase productivity through wage increment or promotion or shifts.
  • To deal with trade unions to settle company related disputes
  • Conducting performance appraisals or reports for the past performance for performance analysis to give promotions

Human Resource Management has evolved a lot since the inception of common rules and regulations. It has indeed become more cumbersome and technical most of the time. Now, management of employees comes first in every organization or company that deals with human strength for their business or for the flow of their routine work.

Where this system is lagging?

It has been found and pointed out when asked to employees, that why they are not happy with their present company. Well, the answers were crazy! As their wellbeing has not been taken care by the company, they are unhappy with their wage increment rules, Employees are being cheated by the bosses, Company does not share its profits with the employees etc etc.


There is no full stop, when it comes to analyze the situation in any of the company these days. Where sometimes people have been underpaid, not given salary as per their duty, not been praised for the achievement.

It is well said by someone, that Company should take care of their employees, and employees will take care of their client. It is perhaps the right statement, as employees do change their mind when they see, that their efforts are not being praised and highlighted.

I guess, human resource is one of the most researched field, where it is difficult to find out the exact cause of the problem.

I myself is very much interested in human resource and psychology, where we get an opportunity to interact with different minds. And it gives us time to listen, interpret and comment on one.

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