GMO – An alternative to deal with malnutrition in developing countries.

It is not wrong to say, that GM products and crops and what so ever till now has been developed out of it after a 3 decade long research has given good and bad results.

In most of the cases it is has given better results and is quite good for the world to tackle the serious problem of hunger in developing counties.

Anti-GMO groups have proclaimed many of their points are been seen misguiding the population by citing the GMOs to be:

  • Unsafe, unhealthy
  • Increase level of chemical usage
  • Carcinogenic
  • Ability to harm the environment
  • Corporate control on agriculture business
  • Reduction of biological diversity
  • Dangerous for consumption
  • Problem of causing superweeds etc etc.

Their points are never ending and have been raised without giving any second thought by the common people who are going against the GMOs.

The force working for the development and productions of successful GMOs have enough proves and trial records for its safety, less utilization of chemical, harmful for the environment, not dangerous for consumption etc. I guess researchers have worked enough on bring this GMOs and are indeed good and being modified to sustain for long for the coming generations. This way they have been able to save plants which are on the verge of quenching.

When people listens to the pandemonium created by the activists groups, normal people would relay on all media platforms and get in the wrong way.

It is media that can help us draw the line.

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