Evolution in technology and trend – A Complete hacked life

Evolution in technology:

Things have evolved to an unimaginable ground and would continue evolving. Folks living a gadget life from the time they come out and goes back to their bed. Evolution has almost made everyone hooked to gadgets whether it’s handy or fixed. Things have changed where lot of thinking and effort was required but now solutions are available right there in hands and with least to no efforts at all.

Technology has made our life so simple to a damn complicated one at the same time. Well, it’s you or me; we can’t imagine a minute without android phone or may a system and a fast life, fast food & fast*. And I am enjoying like others a handy gadget in my hand and a laptop from day to night.



  • We have easy access to information
  • Way to innovation and creativity
  • Better communication
  • Fast traveling
  • Better life style and housing
  • Improved entertainment
  • Efficiency and productivity
  • Better education
  • Social networking
  • Evolution in health industry


  • Increased level of health issues
  • Sedentary life style linked problems
  • Competency
  • World destruction weapons
  • Loss of faith from humanity

Life is hacked – we are stuck in shit! And the shit is so hard that one can’t come out of it!


It is not wrong to say, that we are living an entirely hacked life, where we have to have the things that are available in market, whether it is produced by using chemicals or other harmful ways. We can’t stay away from the exposure of radiations and other harmful elements that are around us every moment. So in short, we gotta inhale smoke and eat crack food and live this way. There are people who are involved in hacking human lives to the worst to fucking death and it’s unavoidable in many circumstances for many of us.

Our body systems are in need of such evolved technology now. Sooner or later one gotta go have some transplantation, surgery to live and extend the life expectancy. Need not to worry, you have got the replacement too for every failed part of your body at some part of this world and you gotta find when you need it. One will get every gene when required soon by the time one will need. Human system is like computers now or like any other machine that can be assembled the best by choice (gene responsible for every aspect in our body and behavior) from around the world and get a customized baby out of it. It’s not as simple as sounds. Results could be horribly upside down in many cases.

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  1. Harry says:

    It’s really true..

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