Sometimes we need to go beyond the set of values

Competition has gone many folds up in every field and corporate work. It’s more of survival of the knowledgeable and experienced at the same time in corporate world. When we say updated, that means one need to be technically sound in their domain area and at the same time one need to keep abreast with the latest development. Days are gone, when folks used to invest much of their time along with fund in research and development to come up with some solution to a defined problem. Whereas now, solutions are all generated on the spot and during group decisions, less time is being consumed to propose solutions.  These days corporate need a self driven candidate, so it has become much tricky and challenging to find the right candidate for the right position.


How technology has evolved – So the need of Recruitment & Outsourcing

The rein of every task has come on finger tips. We do not need to sit for long and do analysis, softwares and other supporting aids are there to find the solution. Likewise the need of manpower has reduced at a drastic level. Everything has been analyzed well up to the level and has been given directions of x,y and z to go get the task done. Here, I am talking about the ways and solutions that are already available in market. Of course the solutions and machines that do the complicated tasks in seconds to minutes to hours are all the results of diligent thinking and efforts being put forth by human beings.

Now we need efficient manpower to keep the balls rolling by working from different parts of the world while using the developed software and tools on cloud. This saves space, maintenance and chances of crashing. Whereas the data are always stored in multiple machines to avoid the loss of data at any point of time.


Investing on the best

The above paragraphs define how the way of regarding situations has been changed. But when it comes to find the right person, we need to grind at much. And it takes time and efforts and resources of the company and people working in time to hire. Employee recruitment and engaging practices has become a complicated part in every corporate. Once recruited the part of the job is done and then the main part comes to retain them into corporate culture while keep them engaged in a development manner for the society and firm.

There are ways that corporate giants have developed to keep the balls rolling:

  • Case study analysis and to work on various live examples
  • 360 degree/out of the box thinking and freedom to try and learn at their own
  • Engaging people to work in the ideas that have been generated by employee(s).
  • x,y,z doesn’t work always in various situations. So, at that time it becomes very much important to have brain storming and come up with some idea and to get the task done.
  • It is sometimes better where the people should be given opportunity to try their own ways and get the task done. And, in many giant companies this formula do works.

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