Ayurveda VS Allopathy!! – How trend is taking “U” turn – Incredible!

As far as I have read about the remedies, things had started with herbs i.e. Ayurveda in ancient times and continued for long. Whereas with the passage of time and evolution. Things changed drastically, Old philosophies and trends went on extinction in mid time. Nobody had ever thought that Allopathic drugs would ever take its way to imbibe the human life completely. Well the Ayurvedic medicine evolved in India almost 5000 years back and is considered to be the world’s oldest healthcare system and indeed it is.  Ayurveda name came from a Sanskrit word that means “science of life”. The holistic formula of Ayurveda strain to create symphony between the body, mind, and spirit, making sure that the balance prevents illness, treats acute conditions, and contributes to a long and healthy life. It has been cited that more than 90% of the population use some form of Ayurvedic treatment or therapy to tune their healthcare system. In India it is taken as a different practice to relieve one from the healthcare issues. Whereas in America it is taken as a complimentary option while many individuals follow massage, meditation and cleansing therapies. And this practice has gained faith from people in tremendous level.


It has been noticed that, most of the time therapies are intended to tune physical health, mental and spiritual harmony.  Well it is true to much extent that if the mental health is fine, one can have a healthy life.  Ayurveda treats the whole system but not just the organ or system involved.

“The aim of Ayurvedic medicine is to integrate and balance the body, mind, and spirit. This is believed to help prevent illness and promote wellness.” –The National Institutes of Health

I recently had an opportunity to interact with one of the Ayurved practitioner just for my curiosity to know how these formulas work for individual. As, I used to listen a lot and hear about the benefits and all, from person to person. But never had a chance to glance into the same. Being a science student, I was more inclined into recent things that are working well for human being in terms of treating their system. I interacted with folks in day to day life and got to know their reviews about the various remedies available, like they said Allopathic drugs treats but it’s more of kind suppressing the virus or bacteria or any diseased condition. Added the tendency of reoccurrence of the particular suppressed condition or may be other affects that generates as side effects after having long term drugs, is more. Whereas in Ayurveda it’s nothing like that. There is no ground of side effect being noticed yet and not only Asians are sloped towards Ayurved but Americans and people from other parts of the worlds as well are trying Ayurveda and feeling the change.

There are instances where immediate treatment is required in those cases, allopathic rules the world. But when it comes for problems being detected at the beginning and if treated with Ayurved, it treats the ailment from root and the tendency of reoccurrence is negligible.

I feel, people should avoid allopathic treatment if possible, and should go with Ayurvedic remedies right from the detection of the ailment in system.







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49 thoughts on “Ayurveda VS Allopathy!! – How trend is taking “U” turn – Incredible!

    • Yes it’s amazing…how at one side people are floatimg with digitalization and are almost hacked into the digital world…but by the end of the day…comes to the conclusion for gaining some peace of mind…

  1. A good mental health is needed for good health….correctly said.
    Good article n will be helpful for the needy people
    Keepit up ..will bewaiting for the next..

  2. That was a very good piece of information… In fact more should be done to make people aware of the benefits of ayurveda…

  3. Yes..i completely agree.. thanks for giving this information..i too support Ayurveda.. and this is really useful and promotive!

  4. It’s really amazing to see the dramatic changes now….and i firmly support the genuine claims that Ayurved has made…Thumbs up

  5. But, when it comes to diagnosing. It becomes the weak point in developing nations, where such testings costs a lot and people reluctantly never opt for the same.
    I feel, government should make all necessary testings free of charge.

  6. I feel, ayurveda is really an effective way of therapy and people should opt and i myself can attest that people in America also are moving towards this system and are approaching for meditation and all relevant steps…

    Wonderful piece of article though…Keep it up…

  7. Ayurveda is really good to cure diseases….but in india we need good centers almost every places so people will be aware of this

  8. People started realising the importance of ayurvedic medicines and massages at least now and I wish People should be educated about the effects of ayurveda and its advantages. When a disease can be cured naturally, why to go for man made drugs??! In possible scenarios!

  9. Nice job sir…..ayurveda is rational n immortal. It is not just a health system but science of life which is applicable in diseased n healthy condition as well. Its our own Indian system though ppls r unaware of it n simply neglect it. The need of time to educate n aware society to take its benefit….. N u did a step towards that….

  10. Ayurveda is leading us to have faith in Nature ( Creations ). All things are living and dynamic. We are a part of it. Love Nature and she’ll love you. Ask her, she’ll answer you. If you’ve problems, she”ll show the answers. Simply because. we’re lovers.

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