How learning Bigdata concept has helped industries handle huge datasets

Bigdata concept like Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Hbase, Sqoop, Mahout, Yarn etc. has helped manage analyzing huge chunks of data from various sources.

What is big data?


There is nothing new about the impression of big data that is in talk since at least 2001 and has evolved to many folds. In a nutshell, Bigdata is nothing but your data or any company’s own data. It is the information owned by the company obtained and processed by new techniques to produce values. Any bigdata expert would define this using three V’s i.e. Volume, Velocity and Variety and this concept was proposed was Doug Laney to thrown light into the challenges of data management. In the year 2013, Mark Van Rijmenam titled why the 3 V’s are not sufficient to describe big data and he added more V’s i.e. Veracity, Variability, Visualization and Value to the definition.

If we talk about the generation of the data in a huge amount followed up with management and structuring was created in the past three years. And it is not false to say, that the amount of data in the world will continue to double or keep on increasing many times.

What companies are doing to make best use of information?

Bigdata constitutes significant information that may help pave new business or opportunities to serve the population. It helps corporate in making decision and taking further steps into their business and endeavors. And it has become really necessary to have statistical figures on the desk of managers to risk money in new start up. Bigdata has indeed being called trendsetter in the business of data management, analysis and storing and retrieval.

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