Process Improvement and Service Management in IT industries

Challenges that Software Development or Service providing companies are facing these days.

  • Fickle needs of the customer and the process
  • Shorter waiting time to get solution on desk
  • Enormous increase in the number of solution providers in market
  • Sustainable strategies
  • Tap the best from In-house training and knowledge sharing


Software development has gone through magnificent changes in process overall due to the advancement that we are seeing in day-to-date life, example automated processes, system intelligence etc.

From the process improvement point of view, it has become highly important to have your business integrated with apps and data seamlessly to stand in the market. Every process or work generates huge data in some form and that gets stocked in hard files or in soft somewhere in the system and mostly goes untouched thereafter.

Fickle needs of the customer and the process:

The need of the customers are very practical in nature and are based on their primary functioning of the business or need. Hence, they have the ability to have solution matching their process without changing their SOPs or flows, this is a major point that becomes the heated topic during the requirement gathering and gap analysis process.  At this point of time, it becomes really tough to map the needs and the available solution at its best keeping various cost factors like customization, Quality assurance, documentation, implementation cost followed up with post implementation product support cost etc. in consideration. So, a proper transparency and a ratio of customization and this can be done by a Business Analyst or the consultants.

Shorter waiting time to get solution on desk:

Clients are not ready to wait for a longer period to get the complete solution on bench and expects for the shorter period of time between the need and implementation in today’s world. As, clients would not be ready to hold their business process while having the solutions being implemented in production environment. Downtime of business process even for a fraction of seconds cost a huge loss to many industries.  So, a full proof Implementation plan along with trace-ability matrix would definitely help cut short the time and chances of roll backs.

Enormous increase in the number of solution providers in market:

There are many vendors in the market providing different and similar solutions to manage same process with different approach on different platforms of technology. So it becomes very important to do in-depth analyse for product from different vendors in order to find the most suitable, stable, reliable, QA process, documentation process, RCA-CAPA log management, good operational support post implementation. Having all the solutions from the vendors at a cheaper rate does not solves the prime need but in short it becomes the big headache and a failure in your operations.

So, selection of the most stable solution would help streamline or automate or digitize the process rather than to have a vendor with a huge integrated solution with least stable product and this in fact would make more dependency on the operational support to have the issues resolved and assist you with lots of show stopper issues being found during every deployment and fixes.

Tap the best from In-house training and knowledge sharing:

Training programs are involved in two areas, one is in-house training and another is to the client who buys the product(s). So this training plays important part at both the ends, better in-house training would always help organization to have your employees groomed well with the subject knowledge and they further would be a good resource to training the new comers in your organization whereas training at client end by a good trainer would help groom the users with a good practices of the developed software for them.

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