Why AGILE is being preferred much in development and management!

It’s true that organizations are forming their strategies to grow and outreach to the market with greater efficiency and effectiveness in today’s time with the help of software and automation at various levels. All it needs is, the speed in understanding the need of the business and pain areas where the technology and ideas can bring changes. In fact there are industries in pharmaceuticals and business, where research, analysis, manufacturing, production packaging, documentation and asset storage has been automated at the most using the validated system and has greatly cut down the utilization of manpower and time and helps in accelerating the operations.

Why Agile Methodology is being preferred!


Picture courtesy: Denysys Corporation

Agile methodology allows development to be divided into phases and every phase goes through continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the software development lifecycle of project. The best part in this methodology is the parallel maintenance of the development and testing to continue live and promote the application in production with least to zero bugs in it.

Internal and external stand up meetings among Project management team, programming team and the client keeps the wheel running at a greater speed with minimal to no lag in the system. Hence maintaining the reporting and work breakdown structure becomes easy and justifiable.

Benefits of Agile Development:

  • Keeps the project continuously in completion state
  • Helps team members to interact and get over of the impediments
  • Fast development of the any product in phases followed with release
  • Easy to justify the development and work breakdown structure
  • Return on Investment is good

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