About Us

~~*~~About Genetic Drift~~*~~

GENETIC DRIFT is an initiative by group of people to focus on the healthcare and IT sector and a long history using innovative methods and technology.

GENETIC DRIFT knows, that every human being is quite busy and more on it life’s moving fast (Don’t you think that we are living on a fast lane). But when you engage us, you get a platform to know and share updated news in health sciences and technology.

We are especially focusing on healthcare sector and technology updates (How engineering and Bio-medical engineering and communication between people from different walks of life have helped set up various platforms to revolutionized every process) that’s coming up fast as a remedy for many incurable diseases and other ailments, that has already succumbed many lives to death, the diseases that has not been treated successfully by any available means. The technology being developed is really working efficiently in every field whether it’s engineering, medical, clinical, fast moving goods etc etc.

It is just the ignorance of human being that is leading them to suffer with various diseases and gradually their ignorance get them hooked to an incurable disease.

Note: Our life is on a fast lane!



7 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Thanks for dropping by “Honey.” I applaud your efforts. We are trying to figure out what small contribution we can make to the kids who are struggling in Mexico.

  2. There is a lot that can be done, if we can bring together the great people and funds to lead a project based on specific findings and awareness and diagnosing into genetics.

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