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WorkForce Redefined – Collaboration at Healthcare sector and Information Technology level

As the digital revolution gains momentum, doctors, scientists, life sciences and people from different walks of life and other professionals are using machines to be more efficient, powerful, trust worthy and these machines are often now used for getting better decisions and to take on complex tasks.

How machines have gained trust over manual work and efficiency

Augmented devices providing more portability, insights, platform to provide and make available on clicks the huge database of contextual information and research outputs from various industries. Such grounds on cloud facility has indeed helped market research professionals and companies, doctors, scientists, clinical trial process during the entire process. It has helped people from all over the world to click share and connect for advice in quick time to take decisions.

Training of people on machines and technology are equally important

This bullish trend of digitization and evolution of machines into the mainstream of industries from scratch to the end has made this necessary for their people to have adequate knowledge of computer and machines in terms of operating and maintenance of the same.

Life Sciences industries increasing the scope of operations

This growing trend illustrates that how life sciences companies must and should embrace digital way to go beyond the imagination with the goal of meeting the need of society.

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Trust – How people & organizations are working in harmony with success…

It is not wrong to say that we are working in our day to day life on some sort of trust on each others (could be peers, family members, friends etc.) I recently was allowed to be the part of a group on Linkedin “TRUST … the only kind of influence that really matters”. It really emphasizes on the real world examples are the need of development of trust at every step in process and operations of the business, in fact it says a lot beyond business too, I highly recommend various books and articles drafted by the owner of the group. Foundation of businesses and supporting activities are itself are founded on the basis of trust. Our system and people can only work if there is a basis of trust and understanding.


There could be many incidences happening around you and infact often with you, where you might have felt heart touched or may be mellowed. Incidences could be from a road side, in a market, at work place, during business or could be in many instances. We have been able to work for long just based on the trust on each other. One does not have to show the label of trust tagged with his status or in biodata or anywhere, it should reflect from your acts, from your deeds, from your ideas and more. We unite to work for something good just based on the trust, it has that all required gravity to run the damn wheels of the life. Trust is build and attain by many small actions and deeds over time. One just needs to focus on deeds rather than spending time in developing the image.

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Authors: Don’t Be a Bloody Statistic

Heather Hill, Author & Comedy Writer

There are people that are writing in the hope of getting rich, and there are people that are writing for the love of the craft. I would firmly plant myself between these two extremes.

I suspect that those writers who are most disappointed are in the first category.

I love writing, have reached a point in my life where I recognise I have always loved it, yet was hampered by an inaccurate belief that making a career out of it was out of my reach and capabilities.  Today I’m ready to pursue it to the death, only with the hope in my mind that I might make a decent living out of it.

Since the moment I first began working on my book, I knew I’d never stop writing again. I know that even if I never sold another word, I couldn’t stop. I’m forty three years old; that’s how long it has…

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Human Resource Management

This term ain’t new, well we often come across the term Human Resource Management, Employee Relations and Personal Management, Peer-to-Peer relationships in different department etc etc. People usually start wondering oh! HR mangers are the one who are always busy and going mingle with people from different walks of life. No doubt, it’s absolutely true but it has been found that it is not necessary to hold degrees for some purpose. Well, experience do counts for your efficiency and people do can expect the same efforts from one like one is expecting from one who is from the respective background. But, in fact HR managers are suppose to be the person in any organization or company who should be kind enough towards their employees and other staff whom he or she is managing in terms of their relationship and their work for the growth of the organization. It’s not about going glitzy all the time. They need to be cool enough to get the works done.

Though with all popular perceptions, the above imagery has some validity, well the fact remains that there is much more in the field of HRM and despite popular depictions of the same, the art of sciences is still a complex field. It’s a field of art and science as HRM is both the art of managing people by recourse to creative and innovative approaches: it is a science as well because of the precision and rigorous application of theory that is required.

HRM can be defined in two different ways: it is the process of managing people in organizations in a structured and thorough manner. And it also encompasses the management of people in organizations from a macro perspective that is managing people in the form of a collective relationship between management and employees.

HR functions as the core in any organization or company. It functions in cotemporary with the feelings of people, employee development and strong relationship building between employees that should lead to the fulfilling for management and employees at whole.

HRM is all about people in the organization and their management to get the work done in a planned manner towards the successful way.

HR is always a field of interest for me too, since in my present organization also, I come across issues between people from different department. It looks odd when I see that some of the basic and little issues are distracting people from their role. Well, I enjoyed moments when I started taking the lead of managing people in my organization and got to know the HR management in depth and the problems that might disturb people in your organizations. And if such issues not resolved in the beginning, It might lead to a complete mismanagement in any organization. I am interested to know more  and learn at the same time into the filed of Human Resource Management.

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How much it matters to train people and then to retain them!

There is a nice line said by Richard Branson –“Train people well enough so they can leave; treat them well enough so they don’t want to”.

It’s true that these days corporate and other functional agencies are working hard for training their employees and other supporting staffs. Managing team spends a lot of their time for grooming their recruited employees, they spend fund on their training, spend time on them, spend their precious time and other’s time in making their new comers acclimatize with their ambience. Human Resource should not forget that the training and the knowledge gaining process are contiguous for few months to few years, and then they start looking for other better opportunities. And hike in their salary equally plays much important in their professional career. When members are given deserving shares of the profit with due time.

And if you feel that being there at same position and at the same department, you are not learning or getting to know more into that field, then changing your job or position is must. Since being stagnant and doing the same job ain’t making you know much. So, in this case its preferable to switch and learn little more into depth and continue with your professional career.

Change always brings more opportunities and excitement to learn and know more advanced things ahead.

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