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WorkForce Redefined – Collaboration at Healthcare sector and Information Technology level

As the digital revolution gains momentum, doctors, scientists, life sciences and people from different walks of life and other professionals are using machines to be more efficient, powerful, trust worthy and these machines are often now used for getting better decisions and to take on complex tasks.

How machines have gained trust over manual work and efficiency

Augmented devices providing more portability, insights, platform to provide and make available on clicks the huge database of contextual information and research outputs from various industries. Such grounds on cloud facility has indeed helped market research professionals and companies, doctors, scientists, clinical trial process during the entire process. It has helped people from all over the world to click share and connect for advice in quick time to take decisions.

Training of people on machines and technology are equally important

This bullish trend of digitization and evolution of machines into the mainstream of industries from scratch to the end has made this necessary for their people to have adequate knowledge of computer and machines in terms of operating and maintenance of the same.

Life Sciences industries increasing the scope of operations

This growing trend illustrates that how life sciences companies must and should embrace digital way to go beyond the imagination with the goal of meeting the need of society.

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Staffing and training in healthcare industries – How important it is?

Healthcare is a hot topic:

Healthcare is a hot topic these days, it is easy to run hospitals and clinics that deal with the treatments and other services for human lives, in fact it sounds easy, but it is not all the time. Since, one has to follow certain rules and regulations to render standard services to the needy. But at the same time, selection of personals at the same time should be taken lightly. Since, this team will be dealing with the lives of people in day to day routine. There are specific standards and regulations and rules that must be followed before starting setups like healthcare industries and other centers that renders services to the human lives. When it comes to deal with the human lives, it is not that easy as it sounds.


Each and every person employed irrespective of their role assigned plays an important role from the scratch when patients walk in to the center till he or she walks out of the centers. And healthcare sectors should never run with the team, who is not from that respective field. And should have peculiar knowledge for the domain one is going to work for. Over all knowledge is always a great deal for anyone, but having the basic understanding and pertaining skills for the better overall rendering of the services are always preferred. It is good to recruit folks with respective domain knowledge for the particular domain and if they have the workshop exposure during their training, it is always good. Though it is preferable to provide in-house training for every new joining staff in every industry. This helps a lot in maintaining standards in services and group for their great work and approach towards the betterment of the lives of people.



This part is valid for every person working in any of the industry or field. Since, it starts with the beginning of the day, when one enters in their work environment. So, it is good for everyone to have proper knowledge of the management of their work and duties. There are parts, where a healthcare profession might not play effectively, so they need another partner to manage and help him to build a complete setup. Like, that folks from pure management cannot help healthcare professionals to help treating and operating patients, so it needs qualified and trained doctors for the same. So, a fully trained and experience group of folks makes a complete 360 circle for a holistic approach towards the betterment of the lives of people in healthcare industries.

So, people working for the betterment of lives should better give heed to the complete management of their departments on daily basis. Since, proper management will lead to the better managed services to the patients.

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“The intersection of Strategy, people, place and process – An approach to improve operational effectiveness in healthcare sector”

This approach is based on the challenges being faced by hospitals, clinics and charitable institutions and hospitals that serve the population in different areas.


This part of project will basically highlight the challenges being faced by budding and well established hospitals or clinics in India. Setting up a hospital and a public serving station seems quite easy when imagined on paper or in practical with the overall investment for giving it structure. But people do gain success in making skyscraper hospitals but often failure is being faced when it comes to work effectively for all sectors and departments. Failure has been noticed in terms of strategies, human resource, target place, and process of running the system.

But i think, a better blueprint for every initiative could make the chances of failures in system very less or negligible. Since healthcare sector is a hot market these days and this trend is almost going in parallel with Information Technology. Since technology has made it very easy to get integrated with healthcare sector to make everything easy.

Strategy: Strategy can be defined as the collaborative plans and accumulation of all well relevant and effective steps to be implemented for any work. This basically deals with the strategies that anyone or a group of people have framed and are intended to work on it. This helps in visualizing the future upto certain limit and can help in putting forward the budget also for completing parts and sub parts of the designed plan. Though, it might not give the exact figure. But yes, can always help in reaching an approximate figure that can be taken into consideration. Strategically planned and managed care pressures are driving many corporate and charity hospitals to consolidate. Partnerships between not-for-profit and for-profit partners have offered an effective solution to provide cost effective services to the population in India. Tie-ups between such institutions and hospitals have proved that it can give solutions to government and economic issues in developing country to be specific.

A clear definition of plans, long term approach, conflict free ideas and a good understanding of the need of the population can help in the pavement of better services for the better future.

People: It can be attested that India is a country where all sort of people are residing, those who are merely earning breads for survival and others who struggle hard to get facilities and rest who have all sort of facilities in abundant. So, when it comes in availing healthcare services it becomes difficult for population who are residing in rural and tribal parts of the India, and at the same time impossible for the corporate and for-profit hospitals to provide the needed services to the needy when they walk into the hospitals with this hope that they will be treated at no cost. Since, they have invested into their project(s) and are liable to show their earnings and services being rendered at actual in exchange of money.

Place: This again plays a big role in setting up a hospital or healthcare center or institution in any part of the state or country. Population and the disease outbreak and other common problems should be analyzed before building any hospitals anywhere. Since hospitals should be built once the gravity of problems that has to be deal with by providing required remedies are taken into consideration. As the severity of healthcare issues varies from city to city, village to village, state to state and country to country. So based on the situation and the needs, services should be rendered by investing in set up. This will minimize the wastage of money and the man power too. And will help people keep themselves engage in activities with a holistic approach rather than being in wait for the desired case or type of ailments.

Process: It should be made clear that this running a healthcare unit or a big hospital is not an easy job. It’s one of the toughest process to run, since this include handling of human being for their problems and some problems could be easier to deal with and some could be very challenging. So, the process that works behind this all work is not the easy one. The implementation and maintenance of the same is very tough and challenging too the same time. It needs qualified people who have the knowledge of pre-requisite knowledge for the work that they are being working on.

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