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Disruptions in Healthcare Sectors by High End Technology!

People from different walks of life are coming up with many questions but not limited to, when they see a healthcare expert or professional from technology side;

  1. Are disruptions good for the healthcare sectors?
  2. Are Healthcare Industries making better sense of available gadgets in market?
  3. Is automation really helping healthcare industries?
  4. Should industries adapt EMR and other integrated digital revolutions?
  5. Which gadget would fulfill my requirements?
  6. Which software/solution would be good to prefer for planned requirements?
  7. Will health system accelerate the adoption of the technology based solutions for their decision making?


Healthcare Education –hour of need!

The population has grown at such a greater pace that has left a big gap in ratio of doctors to patients. Population explosion has left system in a tremendous need of education, especially into healthcare system to deal with the overplusof diseases and other healthcare issues that’s making ground these days.

Training force to adapt technology/solutions!

The ever growing technology has made the system quite cumbrous that if you are not keeping up with the updates in market or in your profile, would feel left behind. Following the technology development that has to be a quality training by experts to follow the compliance and guidelines of HIPAA, USFDA, WHO and other state and country related compliance. There has to have a standardized training for the force before they start performing or dealing with healthcare system to eradicate the incidences that takes place accidentally.

How to choose the available solution in market?

There has to have a framed strategy to select the best possible solution from market, this need an ample of time to do ground work and analysis and comparison study to come up with best suggestion followed up your requirements and budget allocation.

  • Audit thoroughly the solution provider’s record keeping system
  • Audit the team that has been the backbone of the solution building team
  • Do Compare the features and ease of the solution with few more solution form market
  • Try to have guest login for a short period of time to know more into depth, your solution provider should definitely help you out with this
  • Compare the ratio of the customization that would require to be done at your cost
  • Do a dummy run to get acclimatized if needed, as solutions related to EMR and other diagnostic and analytical solutions has to be selected intelligently
  • Know the support system management of the solution provider (post implementation project management)
  • Do get the references of present partners and talk to them for experience for better evaluation.

Adapting Solutions in technology has become the part of your KPI and ROI

Technology has disrupted the market in many ways, well there is a point where every solution would not rock over other validation solution. So there has to have a plan to select the best validated available solution in market. As moving to a solution for your business and operations would be a challenge initially and this of course would become one of the KPI while reckoning ROI.

Approach towards adapting technology and better selection!

Hospitals, Clinics and other palliative centers are indeed trying to make good use of the available gadgets and technology solutions in market. Research and development process should continue at a greater pace to come up with more validated and apposite solutions to simplify and automate the readings, calculations, analysis and record keeping system and at the end data should sum up to a better representation with values and statistics to deal and handle for future challenges. Automation and digitization in every possible process of the operations bit by bit has helped gained momentum in overall operations in every industries. So, there is no second though about moving forward with digitization and automation if it is meeting your expectations and setting your ROI as projected.

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Emerging Technologies in Business Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence

Technology has left no industry or business without being considered or undergone Gap Analysis by their own team or from consultancies. Companies running on manual process still, are the one who are spending a lot on their operations whereas at other ends, companies utilizing technology as a solution are continuously growing with their revenue and operations with least efforts.

Need of BI and AI in current process;

Gone are those days, when regular meeting, analytics, and derivations, strategy formulations, meetings where used to take place followed up with investment of time in face to face meetings and report writing. Now technology and algorithms are robust enough that may take decisions by recalling and scanning through the old data, capability for delivering reports in real time environment is being given utmost importance now.

BI systems have the capability to influence decisions that would have strategic impact on enterprise.


Take away notes;

– BI can help organizations making sense out of their huge collected data

– AI can help giving insights to the strategy and business plans by learning from past

– AI can help making super decisions before the process ends, so in between decisions and insights of the process would really help organizations to save efforts, costs and time before committing for a big failure.

It is highly suggested for industries and organizations to undergo gap analysis, there is always a better way to optimize the operations for achieving revenues and quality with technology.

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WorkForce Redefined – Collaboration at Healthcare sector and Information Technology level

As the digital revolution gains momentum, doctors, scientists, life sciences and people from different walks of life and other professionals are using machines to be more efficient, powerful, trust worthy and these machines are often now used for getting better decisions and to take on complex tasks.

How machines have gained trust over manual work and efficiency

Augmented devices providing more portability, insights, platform to provide and make available on clicks the huge database of contextual information and research outputs from various industries. Such grounds on cloud facility has indeed helped market research professionals and companies, doctors, scientists, clinical trial process during the entire process. It has helped people from all over the world to click share and connect for advice in quick time to take decisions.

Training of people on machines and technology are equally important

This bullish trend of digitization and evolution of machines into the mainstream of industries from scratch to the end has made this necessary for their people to have adequate knowledge of computer and machines in terms of operating and maintenance of the same.

Life Sciences industries increasing the scope of operations

This growing trend illustrates that how life sciences companies must and should embrace digital way to go beyond the imagination with the goal of meeting the need of society.

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Extensive use of computer learning in providing quality control in genetic database!

Computer learning has gone many folds ahead in coordination with healthcare/clinical technology with a mission of pin pointing many disorders in human body. The same helped generating huge database of sequences, disease impressions, patient’s data etc from around the world. These giant collections of data somewhere has helped too in figuring out many counseling techniques in terms of reducing the incidences of many disorders, biological changes and all. Looking at the bullish nature of the databases, every center in healthcare sector has started shedding lights into this potential field to impart knowledge for the betterment. Many such initiatives have been taken to proof out of this immaculate record when it comes to make sense to the real world.

Stethoscope and globe on a laptop keyboard, focus on stethoscope

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Future of Data Science & its Management followed by Storage & Security!

Data from all sources are accumulating at an inconceivable rate. Along with the storage of data being generated in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and so on…It’s never going to stop till the process stops at certain point for certain act.


Data scientist job is being quoted as the sexiest job of the 21st century. No doubt it is one of the most demanding job in every sector, if we say in healthcare, clinical research, market research, baking sectors & forex, management and many other sectors where data is being generated every second in their process and the same goes for the storage at some location, in-house or may the big buzzing word these days, so called “cloud”. Organizations do have data scientists who play with the plenty of rows and columns to analyze and come up with the future projection of the activity and result. This is not wrong to say that every sector has started hiring people from Data Science background to play around with their in-house data to make sense.

This valuable comments or research findings by data scientists folks makes a huge difference in present and would demand future investment by investors and others to give ways to tech driven source of information and knowledge. In short, projections make a great sense these days in any sector.

There is something almost magical about the prediction of future business scenarios and finding other facts that is of utmost importance for the organization or Data Company. Up-coming business leads could be in data storage companies, data security, data disaster management.

This ain’t a new trend, well it’s the time for every sector to generate and store as much as data they can followed up by analysis. And then it will need people in huge numbers to analyze and make sense out of the data being stored.

The fact is that the “data scientist” word has gained much gravity post 2012 and the mix of statistics, analytics, data modeling, data visualization, architecture, graphics etc has become a measure to find a one man army to deal with all the processes.

There are lots of questions that generation is trying to find!

If more the data, more complex it would be to make sense out of it. This is leading companies to come up with software and other platform to import huge data and analyze.

  1. Every sector and business from now is intended to generate data in some form, and the same has to be analyzed and stored at some part of the world.
  2. How collaboration between other sectors with Information technology has grown up many folds, this is again commendable and this would keep on gaining more ground into the evolving technology to resolve future problems with data and files.
  3. Is messy data has a life span to keep in storage! or should be trashed after a fixe period. Who would bear the charges for long term storage!
  4. Sooner or later it’s going to be only data data data everywhere!
  5. Over 5-10 years from now, there would be machines that are going to replace data scientists and the load would be taken by the machines and programs.
  6. In near future people would be applying Data science in all the problems and would over use the data. Of course it would also help folks develop an automated machine

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Technology – A need for the detection of many chronic conditions in healthcare

No doubt technology is evolving at an unimaginable speed. 95% of the population is glued with multipurpose electronic gadgets for their survival and their business and to make money on their daily basis. There used to be time, when people used to sit in front of television, but now the same is available in their hand in different size and configuration. So, connectivity is available in a single click.


The same way, technology in healthcare machineries and other diagnostic tools are playing magnificent role by giving a way of easy and timely diagnostic of the illness or conditions in human system. There is no way of waiting for a long time to see the effect of disease and then getting it tested for the positive and negative. Well, there are tools and kits available in markets developed with the help of recent techniques to diagnose for the some hereditary conditions before condition becomes severe.



So, the up trending way of developing technology has made life easier but at the same time it has become a source of other side effects and after effects.

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Sooner or later, one has got to be dependent on Bio [+] technology

It ain’t wrong that Biotechnology is playing a big damn role in developing techniques and resources that life will be depending on it sooner or later. Time ain’t far when it will be difficult to find some of the flora and fauna. But techniques developed to sustain their species will help to sustain this system for long.

It’s people’s thought that GM products, and other related products are not good for health. Yeah, upto some extent it might not be as real in supporting your boy system as the one we have with no change in it. But there has been a whole lots of work going behind this to make it healthy for us and good to take.

BiotechnologyBiotechnology is the application of biological organisms, systems, or processes by various industries to learning about the science of life and the improvement of the value of materials and organisms such as pharmaceuticals, crops, and livestock. It is a relatively new and fast-developing field that integrates knowledge from several traditional sciences: biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, and chemical engineering. Biotechnology deals with the manipulation in the chemical structure. We can call it a cutting edge technology that’s going to be a life saving remedy for us. There is a lot to design, plan, rethink and develop ahead in this field.

Biotechnology is a source of great hope for innovations ranging from improving the diagnosis (Don’t you think that, diagnosis several diseases has become much easier than earlier) and treatment of hereditary diseases.

There is a lot that need to be done ahead with the help of teamwork.

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